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Hot Rolled Coils, Sheets and Skelp

Hot Rolled Coils, Sheets and SkelpHot rolled coils, sheets and skelp (narrow coil), are the largest product category of the company in terms of both sales volume and revenue. Hot rolled coils are primarily used for making pipes and have many direct industrial and manufacturing applications, including the construction of tanks, railway cars, bicycle frames, ships, engineering and military equip-ment and automobile and truck wheels, frames and body parts. Hot rolled coils are also used as feedstock for cold rolling mills where they undergo further process-ing.Hot rolled coils are also delivered to the company's own cold rolling mills and silicon sheet mill and pipe plant in a wide range of widths and thicknesses as the feedstock for higher value-added steel products. The company is the largest producer of hot rolled coils, sheets and skelp in India.

Semi-Finished Products

Semi-Finished ProductsThe company produces semi-finished products, including blooms, billets and slabs, which are converted into finished products in the company's processing plant and, to a lesser extent, sold to rerollers for conversion to finished products.


PlatesSteel plates are used mainly for the manufacture of bridges, steel structures, ships, large diameter pipes, storage tanks, boilers, railway wagons and pressure vessels. The company also produces weatherproof steel plates for the construction of railcars. The company is currently the largest producer of steel plates in India with a domestic market share of more than 80 per cent for these products. The company is the only producer of wide and heavy plate products in India.

Cold Rolled Products

Cold Rolled ProductsCold rolling of hot rolled products produces a superior surface finish, improves the physical properties of the steel, such as tensile strength, and reduces its thickness to precise gauges. As a result, cold rolled products generally command higher prices thanhot rolled products. The products of the cold rolling mill include cold rolled sheets and coils, which are used primarily for precision tubes, containers, bicycles, furniture and for use by the automobile industry to produce car body panels. Cold rolled products are also used for further processing, including for colour coating, galvanising and tinning. The company also produces further processed cold rolled products, including galvanised sheets and tin plates.

Railway Products

Railway ProductsRailway products, including rails, wheels and axles, sleeper and fish plates (which are used to connect and strengthen rails), are produced through a process of hot rolling blooms in the finishing mills and forging ingots and blooms in the forging press or hammer. Railway products are used primarily to upgrade and expand the existing railway network in India.


StructuralsStructural steel products are produced through a process of hot rolling in the section or structural mills. They are long steel products with cross sections of various shapes. I-beams, channels and angle steel are used in mining, the construction of tunnels, factory structures, transmission towers, bridges, ships railways and other infrastructure projects.

Bars and Rods

Bars and RodsThe company produces steel bars and rods through a process of hot rolling billets in the finishing mills. Reinforcement steel and wire rods are primarily used by the construction industry. The company is one of the largest producers of reinforcement bars in India which are primarily sold to the construction industry.

Speciality Products

Speciality ProductsSpeciality products, include electrical sheets, tin plates and pipes. Electrical sheets are cold rolled products of silicon steel for electrical machinery. Tin plates are cold rolled steel electrolytically coated with tin for food packaging.Pipes are longitudinally or spirally welded from hot rolled coils for conveying such things as water, oil and gas.

Alloy and Stainless Products

In addition to the steel products indicated above, SAIL produces a wide range of alloy steel products at ASP,SSP and VISL. Elements including chromium, nickel, vanadium and molybdenum are used in the alloy mixture to impart special properties to steel. These alloy steels are primarily used for sophisticated applications, including in the automobile, railway and defence industries. 

A wide variety of alloy and stainless steel plates, hot rolled sheets, cold rolled sheets, bars, billets, blooms, forgings and die blocks are manufactured at ASP in an Electric Arc Furnace. SAIL is able to produce different qualities of alloy steels to meet the requirements of its customers. To increase steel's corrosion resistance properties, nickel and chromium are used in the making of stainless steel. SSP produces cold rolled stainless steel coils and sheets with thickness ranging from 0.3 mm to 6 mm and width ranging from 500 mm to 1,250 mm. These materials can be produced in a large number of grades for different applications. Stainless steel products are used for diverse applications including household utensils, automobile trims, conveyor belts, elevators, chemical and food processing equipment, building and interior decoration and pharmaceutical equipment.

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