Raw Materials Division

Raw Materials DivisionThe Raw Materials Division (RMD) was formed in 1989 with the avowed purpose of creating synergy of all the SAIL mines in the eastern sector to rationalise supply of basic raw materials to the steel plants so as to achieve self-sufficiency in quality iron ore.

RMD with its headquarters in Kolkata manages 7 Iron Ore Mines and 3 operating flux mines. RMD has Customer Services Offices (CSO) at Rourkela, Durgapur and Bokaro.






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Manoharpur (Chiria)








Kuteshwar (Limestone)

Madhya Pradesh



Bhawanathpur (Limestone)




Tulsidamar (Dolomite)



RMD has embarked on expansion and modernisation path and is ushering in new phase of development in its mines. Company’s plan to hike steel production is linked with the RMD supply chain.

Making the steel plants self-reliant on iron ore, RMD has been progressively developing new mining blocks, introducing high capacity equipment, adopting state-of-the-art technology to reinforce eco-friendly mining.

Concentrating on quality production and efficient operations RMD collective is resolutely working on the blueprint to fulfil the dream of country’s biggest steel producer.

The growth plan of SAIL is linked with the development of new iron ore mines at Chiria and Taldih, alongside the modernisation and expansion of all the existing operating mines.

The post expansion capacity of RMD mines at Kiriburu, Meghahatuburu, Bolani, Gua, Kalta, and Barsua/Taldih is going to be 5.50, 6.50, 10.00, 10.00, 2.50, and 3.00 MTPA respectively. There is a plan to develop Chiria in phases. In first phase the mine will be developed for 7 MTPA and finally up to 15 MTPA.

HRDIn order to utilise human resources effectively, prime importance is laid on the welfare of the workforce and development of potential to achieve high performance levels. Employees are encouraged to implement innovative ideas and schemes are designed for recognition. A well-equipped HRD centre operates at Kiriburu Iron Ore Mine as nodal centre for training for all the mines under RMD.

Facilities and Amenities
Mines are located in remote places and are thus devoid of the many advantages that a town or a city may provide. Yet many of the mines are self-contained as management has endeavoured to provide basic facilities and amenities needed for reasonably good living of the people working in the mines. Employees enjoy the conveniences of residential quarters, schools, hospitals, banks, post offices, market complexes, playgrounds / stadium, community centres, clubs, modern communication facilities, etc. The quality of life has been enriched today with facilities like telephone/cell phone services, internet, cable network and other household conveniences.

Caring for Environment

Environment protectionRMD scientifically and systematically abides by the stipulated standards / guidelines laid down by statutory bodies for environment protection right from obtaining the clearance for mining to actually mining and despatching it. RMD also ensures proper mine rehabilitation as per IBM approved `Progressive Mine Closer Plan’ to maintain ecological balance. Major Mines of SAIL have been certified with Environmental Management System linked to IS / ISO 14001. Regular monitoring of ambient air and water quality is being done as a routine job.

Various environmental projects taken up in SAIL Mine brought about positive results in maintaining the ecological balance in the forests, thereby ensuring that its flora and fauna remain unaffected. Tree plantation and afforestation is integral part of the environment management activities in all RMD mines.

Special thrust is given on eco-friendly mining and conservation of natural resources by adopting state-of-the-art new technology in the M&E project RMD. Some of the projects in that line are :

  • Reclamation of water from Tailing dam and further use in washing plant at Kiriburu Iron Ores Mines
  • Stationary water sprinklers along haul roads to control fugitive dust emissions
  • Use of High Capacity Excavators upto 9.5 m3 and  Dumpers upto 100 T for handling of ore & waste
  • Dry fog dust suppression system
  • Backfilling and Concurrent Reclamation of mined out areas to control soil erosion and improve green cover
  • Long Distance Belt Conveyers for ore transportation
  • Iron ore fines recovery from slime to the maximum possible extent by using Classifiers / Hydro-cyclones / WHIMS etc.
  • Rain Water Harvesting structures to meet the industrial / domestic water demand as well as improve ground water availability of the area
  • Press Filters  / Paste Thickeners for handling tailings and dispose the tailings as solid wastes
  • Prevention and restoration of degraded lands in and around mines through implementation of Catchment Area Treatment Plans for soil and water erosion


Mines are located in remote areas. The life in the remote forest covered areas is challenging. Over five decades SAIL has been sincerely working to uplift the quality of life of the people who were living in the villages surrounding its units. 
Being in mining operation, the journey of Raw Materials Division is more challenging in remote areas. RMD has developed a strong foundation for peripheral development. RMD is moving ahead with the people inhabiting in the peripheral villages of its mines taking them as the Partner in Progress.
RMD is playing a vital role in CSR activities to bring a meaningful change in the life of the people living the remote villages surrounding the mines of SAIL in eastern sector of the country.

In last five years RMD spent about Rs. 59 Cr. on various CSR projects, out of which about Rs. 14 Cr. has been spent for Rural Development.

RMD works on identified areas that primarily encompass

  • Health
  • Education
  • Income generation
  • Women empowerment
  • Infrastructure development
  • Sports & Culture
Six monthly reports of compliance of conditions stipulated in EC grant orders
Environment Clearance (EC) Orders
Details of CSR schemes/Projects

Board Resolution in favour of Dhobil lease of Chiria mines

Board Resolution in favour of Duargaiburu lease of Gua ore mines

Board Resolution in favour of Sukri-Latur lease of Chiria mines

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