SAIL Consultancy Division (SAILCON)

Steel Authority of India Limited has one of the largest pool of qualified and experienced  engineers, technologists, and professionally qualified HR & training experts. Based on its large and varied expertise and experience acquired over the last five decades, SAIL, through SAILCON, provides design, engineering, training, technical & management consultancy services in Iron & Steel and related areas and offers a wide range of services to clients globally. Technical and Management Training services are its forte and these services
have been availed of by several organizations in private and public sector within India and abroad. To scale up the activities and to further reinforce the brand image of SAIL as a consultant, SAILCON is continuously exploring the market, both within and outside the Country for possible business opportunities as well as joint ventures with Global consultants for commercialization of SAIL's expertise.

"SAILCON" has executed assignments within India and abroad covering countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Thailand, Nepal, Philippines,etc. During the Financial Year 2015 -16, SAILCON laid enhanced focus on taking up training assignments and provided training services in steel making to newly recruited executives of a green field integrated steel plant. SAILCON also focused on Consultancy Services related to preparation of Adequacy Report as per the guidelines of Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC). Consultancy is also being extended for setting up of Power Plants, based on waste heat recovery from the flue gases released out of Blast Furnace and non-recovery type of Coke Oven batteries, as an environment friendly measure and as a step to combat global warming.

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