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The issue of environment assumes special significance in this age of global warming. To give nature its due, extensive plantations are carried out by SAIL across all its plants and mines

200 acres of degraded land has been restored through afforestation at Purnapani flux mines of SAIL in Orissa by planting saplings which includes horticulture species, forest species and a variety of grasses. Pisiculture has been done in the abandoned quarries at Purnapani and 300,000 fishlings have been released in the quarry waters. Further 30,000 saplings of 50 different species have been planted in this season and another 5 lakhs fishlings have been released in the quarry water.


Plantation of 10,000 saplings in 10 acres of degraded land has been planned. Out of that, plantation of 4,000 saplings has been completed at Barsua Iron Ore Mines. Medicinal plantation of amla was undertaken in Chhatisgarh region recently.

Keeping in pace with 21st century environmental agenda of sustainable development, SAIL has signed an agreement with Department of Bio-technology, Government of India and Centre for Environment Management for Degraded Eco-system, University of Delhi for ecological restoration of barren mined out areas and waste dump sites at SAIL mines

The townships of SAIL are verdant with lush green trees and foliage, speaking aloud the devotion of SAIL to its environment. Several species of flora and fauna are also preserved in zoological and botanical parks maintained by SAIL in its townships.

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