IISCO Steel Plants

ISP produces a large number of steel structures and special sections as well as pig iron. The plant pioneered the production of centre-sill Z-section used in the fabrication of wagon and Z-type sheet piling section used in construction of barrages, bridge foundations and other projects and colliery arch section used for roof support in collieries. The plant has also developed ‘slit rolling’ for small diameter rounds (10 mm and 12 mm TMT), which are in high demand in the domestic market.


PRODUCT BASKET (Post-Expansion)


Wire Rod Mill

Wire rod
5 – 22 mm

Rebar in Coil form

Carbon steel, EQ grade, Spring Steel, Free cutting Steel, Ball Bearing Steel, Cold-heading steel, Low-alloy steel, Forging quality steel, MIG, High Carbon, CAQ etc.

6-10 mm TMT in Coil form (Fe500D EQR, Fe550D, SeQR, HCR)

Bar Mill


8 -  40 mm

Fe500D EQR, Fe550D, SeQR, HCR, Fe600 Rockbolt

Universal Section Mill


Bulb Bars
Z Bars


Parallel Flange Beams (IPE/NPB) 240 – IPE 750 mm,

 H-Beams (WPB/HE) 200 – 450

200 – 400 mm 
EA 150 – 200 mm 
200 – 340 mm 
ISPS 1625 U – 2222 U, 1021 Z, 1481


Grade: E250 to E410A/BR/B0/C , E450A/BR with Cu also.