The procedure followed in the decision-making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

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The procedure followed in the decision-making process, including channels of supervision and accountability

CET is an in-house engineering and technology consultant of SAIL. Its main activities include preparation of reports, specifications, doing detail engineering, approving vendors’ drawings and providing designer supervision during implementation of projects. During all phases of project implementation, the speed of decision-making is very important for timely implementation of projects. The organization has well defined systems with respect to decision-making process. Generally, the proposals requiring decisions are initiated at the appropriate level of the executive, depending upon the nature with regard to financial implication, urgency, and importance of the matter. Normally, the proposals are initiated by the concerned executives. The approval is accorded by the executives at the level of GM/CGM depending upon the Delegation of Powers. Executive Director approves the matters, which are beyond the delegated powers of CGMs.

For procurement cases / job contracts, the proposals are also examined by indent-processing agency/screening committee. Wherever required, the concurrence of Finance is taken at the appropriate level as per the delegation of powers. In case of matters requiring consideration by more than two departments, a multi-disciplinary committee consisting of executives of appropriate levels of the concerned departments is formed to expedite the decision-making. The proposals pass through appropriate levels before the approval of Competent Authority. Procurement is done as per Purchase/Contract Procedure and its amendments.

CET being in-house unit of SAIL, it mostly accepts assignments referred by SAIL plants / units. The written request for new assignments are generally forwarded by SAIL steel plants / units to respective sub centers of CET. The request is forwarded to Project Section at Ranchi. Project Section consults the concerned section and obtains ED’s approval for acceptance of the assignment. The formal letter of acceptance of assignment is then sent to Plants / Units.

The concerned groups of officers who have been assigned the work take necessary decisions, during preparation of technical documents. Supervision / monitoring of work is done by the Head of the Department at periodical intervals by way of review of progress/work. Design review of all feasibility reports is compulsorily done by way of presentation where senior executives and HoDs are present. The reports are released to the customers after design review.

Concerned officers take necessary decisions, for various duties in the areas of finance and personnel & administration. These are implemented after approval of superiors or as per the Personnel Manual.