सेल जीपी / जीसी शीट्स

Galvanised Products
सेल जीपी / जीसी शीट्स
Class of Coating Zinc wt g/m^2
CL II 450
CL III 350
CL IV 275
CL V 220
CL VI 200
CL VII 180
CL IX 100
CL X 80
BSL (GP Coils/Sheets & GC Sheets) 0.35-1.6 mm
RSP (GP/GC Sheets) 0.35-1.25mm

*Other thickness/width combination can be supplied with mutual consent

Material Application
GP Panelling, door frames, shutters, AC ducts, coolers, storage bins, auto sector, ice box, drums, buckets, tubs, tanks, trunks etc.
GC Roofing, Industrial sheds etc
  • Rust resistant due to uniform coating of Zinc
  • Economical
  • Superior quality
  • Light weight but strong
  • Leak proof & long lasting
  • Available in different thicknesses