Cold Dust Injection system operationalized in BF 4 at Rourkela Steel Plant

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New Delhi
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Mon, 01/19/2015 - 17:59

New Delhi, Jan 19, 2015: Coal Dust Injection (CDI) system was operationalized in Blast Furnace-4 of Rourkela Steel Plant on Sunday, Jan 18, 2015. This latest operational facility will result in improvement of techno economic parameters and enhance productivity of hot metal in the Blast Furnace.

CDI of Blast Furnace -4 has a design capacity of injection up to 100 Kg/Ton of hot metal, which will result in financial saving of approximately Rs 30 Crore per annum. Through CDI, the pulverized coal injection (PCI) facilitates consumption of cheaper coal in the system replacing the expensive coke thereby cutting down on cost. The facility will augment the efficiency and raw material optimization by facilitating direct consumption of coal and reducing coke rate. CDI facility in BF-4 is a capital scheme which has been integrated with the ongoing expansion programme of the Steel Plant as a part of the massive modernization and expansion drive undertaken by SAIL.

Chairman, SAIL Mr CS Verma said, this energy efficient facility will enhance the productivity of blast furnace along with reducing the coke rate resulting in profit for the Plant.

Earlier in April 2014, CDI facility was operationalized at BF – 5 of the steel Plant. It is a major energy conservation initiative undertaken by the Steel Plant. Almost all the new facilities under the expansion schemes at RSP have been completed and made operational. The benefits out of these have started accruing.

Pulverized coal injection is an essential tool for the improving Blast Furnace process parameters and Furnace profitability. PCI is a process that involves blowing large volumes of fine coal granules into the Blast Furnace. This provides a supplemental carbon source to speed up the production of metallic iron, reducing the need for coke production. As a result energy use and emissions can be reduced. This helps in substantial reduction of coke consumption in the Blast Furnace. Coal being a costly and vital industrial input for steel making, an alternative and energy efficient technology like CDI is proving beneficial for the industry.

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