Bokaro steel plants


Mill Capabilities

Shop Products Facility Annual Capacity (,000 Tonnes) Thickness range (mm) Width range (mm) Length (metre)
HSM HR Coils/ Sheets/  Plates Continuous Mill 3955 1.6 -16 900-1850  
HRCF HR Sheets/  Plates Shearing Line-I - 5-10 1800 2.5-12
  HR Sheets/  Plates Shearing Line-II   1.6-4 1500 1.5-4.5
  HR Coil Slitting Line        
CRM     1660      
  CR Coils/ Sheets CRM-I complex   0.63-2.5 700-1850  
  CR Coils/ Sheets CRM-II complex   0.63-1.6 650-1250  
  CR Coils/ Sheets, TMBP DCR Mill 100 0.22-0.8 650-1040  
  GP Coils & Sheets GC Sheets HDGL 170 0.3-1.6 650-1250  

Special Grades of Steel

Special Steel Grades Application
SAE 1541 Automobile Industry
MC 11 Cycle Industry
SPC 370/390 Cycle Industry
C 15 Cycle Industry
API  X-42, X-46, X-52, X-56, X-60 (SAILAPI) Pipe Line


SAILCOR (corrosion resistant) Railways
SAILMEDSi (Medium Silicon Steel) Heavy Electrical Winding
SAILPROP Propeller Shaft
Strapping Steel (for internal use only) Strapping Finished Products
Full-hard Galvanised Coil Extra hard roof of houses
Cold Rolled Medium Electrical Steel Transformer core
Extra-low Carbon Extra Deep Drawing (HR & CR) White goods
DMR 249A Grade Steel Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) for fabrication of Submarine parts (import substitution)
E460/E500/E550 Floating bridges for Defence. For M/S BEML; for making. (import substitution)
IS8500 Fe 540B high strength low alloy steel with UTS value in excess of 540 Mpa Kolkata fly-over
Low Carbon, Low Manganese, High Strength Structural Steel without microalloying (Carbon 0.10% ) Structural purposes. Thermo-mechanically Controlled Processing.


Nitration-grade Benzene
Nitration-grade Toluene
Light Solvent Naphtha
Still Bottom Oil
Hot PressedNaphthalene
Anthracene Oil
Extra-hard Pitch
Hard-medium Pitch (solid/ liquid)
Ammonium Sulphate
Pitch Creosote Mixture
BF Granulated Slag
Liquid Nitrogen
Phenol Fraction

BSL Process flow