PM presents Shram awards to 10 SAIL employees

Press Release
New Delhi

Ten employees of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) received four Shram Awards for the year 2004 from Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh at Vigyan Bhawan here today.   

Mr. Satyavan Nayak, Chargeman-cum-Senior Technician from Plate Mill, and a group comprising Mr. A.K. Kerketta, Chargeman, and Mr. T. Maharana, Senior Technician, from Coke Oven & Coal Chemicals Department (CO&CCD) of SAIL's Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) each received the Shram Vir which carries a cash award of Rs. 60,000. Modifications suggested by Mr. Nayak to enhance the capability of shearing line-II, conveyors and improvement in plate movement of BSP's Plate Mill have helped SAIL achieve savings of nearly Rs. 21 crore per annum. Innovations and improvements in maintenance practices by the CO&CCD group enabled SAIL to achieve recurring savings of around Rs. 71 crore and one-time savings of around Rs. 18 crore. 

Two groups – one again from Bhilai's CO&CCD and one from Steel Melting Shop of SAIL's Visvesvaraya Iron & Steel Plant (VISL) - received the Shram Shri that carries a cash award of Rs. 40,000. The winners in this category are: Chargemen Mr. Faheem Mohammed, Mr. Abhay Deshpande, and Mr. Malkeet Singh, Senior Technician Mr. Rajesh Kumar Besra and Technician Mr. Nagendra Kr. Yadav, all from CO&CCD, Bhilai Steel Plant, and Senior Technicians Mr. K. Rajashekhar and Mr. T. Padmanabhachary, both from VISL. Major innovative changes in coal handling at the plant by the BSP group helped the company achieve recurring annual savings of over Rs. 14.6 crore and non-recurring savings of nearly Rs. 35 crore. The VISL group was chosen for the Shram Shri for helping the company accrue savings of around Rs. 1.4 crore through improvements brought about in the functioning of the plant's Steel Melting Shop.

SAIL workers, known for their dedication and commitment to organisational excellence, have helped the company and its plants/units to win over 50 awards during 2006-07, including the prestigious Prime Minister's Trophy for Best Integrated Steel Plant, SCOPE Meritorious Award for Environmental Excellence, Golden Peacock Eco Innovation Award, CII's first-ever Sustainability Award, Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award, National Safety Award, Vishwakarma Award, etc.

Instituted by the Union Ministry of Labour in 1986, the Prime Minister's Shram Awards honour workmen, as defined in the Industrial Dispute Act (1947), who have made outstanding contributions in organisations both in the public and private sectors. Among other criteria for selection of awardees is a distinguished record of performance, devotion to duty of a high order, specific contribution in the field of productivity, proven innovative abilities, presence of mind and exceptional courage. The Shram awards are also presented to workmen who have made the supreme sacrifice of laying down their lives during the conscientious discharge of their duties.

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