Vigilance - Structure

Vigilance Structure

(ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED)    

Quality Policy of Vigilance Department:
"SAIL Vigilance, while complying with the statutory and regulatory requirements, shall establish and continually strive to improve Quality Management System to facilitate a conducive environment for enabling employees to work with integrity, impartiality, accountability & efficiency, in a fair & transparent manner, taking risk based approach as a key factor, upholding highest ethical standards to facilitate SAIL in becoming a world class organization. .
SAIL Vigilance is headed by Chief Vigilance Officer. Vigilance functions in the plants/units of SAIL are monitored by Addl. Chief Vigilance Officer. The Addl. Chief Vigilance Officers are functionally reporting to Chief Vigilance Officer.   
The functions of SAIL Vigilance are broadly preventive in nature. The focus of SAIL Vigilance is proactive i.e., towards facilitating the environment for enabling people to work with integrity, impartiality, in a fearless and transparent manner, upholding highest ethical standards for the organization. SAIL Vigilance, has implemented Quality Management System (QMS) in all Vigilance Departments of SAIL, with the objective of enhancing transparency, efficiency and accountability. Corporate Vigilance is monitoring the vigilance activities in SAIL and has been accredited with ISO 9001: 2015 Certification.

Provision has been made to receive the complaints related to vigilance matter through website. This is to bring the transparency in the system and expediting the processes. All complaints received through website are processed after confirming the veracity of the complainant and further action is taken as per laid down procedure under QMS. As per the guidelines of CVC, no action is taken on the anonymous / pseudonymous complaints.

  • Complaint should be specific with relevant details like NIT no. and date etc.
  • Correct name and address are mandatory for processing the complaint.
  • No correspondence shall be entertained on the subject after lodging the complaint.
  • In case it is found that complaint was false and harassment of officials has been caused, action may be taken against the complainant.
  • The complaint having vigilance angle shall only be examined. The vigilance angle comprises of misuse of official position, demand and acceptance of illegal gratification, cases of misappropriation / forgery or cheating, gross and willful negligence, blatant violation of laid down systems and procedures, reckless exercise of discretion, delay in processing the cases, etc.