Durgapur Steel Plant

Raw Materials Handling Plant

The Raw Materials Handling Plant prepares blend mix for Sinter Plant and also supplies raw material lumps to Blast Furnaces and Steel Melting Shop. It has 3 nos. tipplers and 3 nos. blender-cum-reclaimers.

Coke Ovens & Coal Chemicals

DSP is equipped with 5 nos. of Coke Oven batteries, out of which 4 batteries are in operation and 1 battery is under cold repair. Each battery is of 4.45 Meter height and comprises of 78 nos. of ovens.The Coke Ovens convert coking coal into coke, which is an input for Blast Furnaces.

The Coke Ovens and Coal Chemicals zone is divided into four basic sections namely coal preparation plant, coal carbonization plant, coke handling plant and coal chemicals. The Blast Furnace grade coke produced in Coke Ovens is directly used in Blast Furnaces while the undersized coke is used for sinter making. The volatile matters, which emanate during the process of coke making subsequently produce a variety of by-products like naphthalene oil, heavy creosote oil, light oil, crude tar partially distilled, ‘Raja’ brand fertilizer, nitration grade benzene, nitration grade toluene, industrial grade toluene, light solvent naphtha etc. The Coke Oven gas is generally used in combination with the Blast Furnace gas and BOF gas as fuel and is carried through pipelines to different areas of the plant. The adjoining Alloy Steels Plant under SAIL also gets this fuel gas from DSP.

Sinter Plant

The Sinter Plant coverts blend mix into sinter, an agglomerated input for Blast Furnaces. In order to enhance the productivity of the blast furnaces, a high percentage of sinter charge is a prerequisite. Sinter is an agglomeration of iron ore fines, coke and limestone in the form of cakes. DSP has three sinter machines: 2 nos. with hearth area of 142.7M2 each and 1 no. with hearth area of 198M2. Annual capacity of Sinter Plant is 3.30 MT.

Blast Furnaces

The Blast Furnaces produce liquid hot metal, which is an input for Steel Melting Shop. DSP has 3 Blast Furnaces of useful volume of 1400 Mᶟ (BF No.2), 1400 Mᶟ (BF No.3), 1800 Mᶟ (BF No.4) and working volumes (W.V.) of 1207 Mᶟ, 1204 Mᶟ & 1539 Mᶟ respectively. The respective BF productivitiesare 1.71, 1.82 & 1.69 T/Mᶟ(W.V.)/day. Annual hot metal production capacity is 2.40 MT.The BF Slag (granulated) is sold to the cement manufacturing companies.

Steel Melting Shop

The Steel Melting Shop converts hot metal into liquid steel, which is primarily processed through Continuous Casting Plant (CCP). The Steel Melting Shop (SMS) has 3 nos. 110/130 T Basic Oxygen Furnaces (Converters), 1 no. of 110/130T Vacuum Arc Degassing (VAD) unit and 3 nos. of 110/130T Ladle Furnaces for nominal heat size of 120 T. The CCP is equipped with 2 Billet Casters, 1 Bloom Caster and 1 Bloom-Cum-Round Caster (BRC).In addition, SMS has facilities forbottom pouring ingot casting for vacuum-degassed loco wheel heats for Wheel & Axle Plant of DSP and special steels for Alloy Steels Plant (ASP). 

Merchant Mill

The Merchant Mill produces Earthquake Resistant (EQR) Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars of different sizes, which are used for construction and infrastructure development. Its installed capacity wasoriginally 280,000 TPA. With phasing out of 16 mm TMT bar and maximising production of 20 mm & 25 mm TMT bars, the mill capacity is augmented to 360,000 TPA. 

Medium Structural Mill

DSP is equipped with new Medium Structural Mill (MSM) of 1.0 Million Tonne capacity. The new generation medium structural produced in the mill are targeted for use in construction and infrastructure development sectors, like parallel beams, channels and equal angles.

Wheel & Axle Plant

The Wheel & Axle Plant produces forged and machined wheels and axles for Indian Railways. This includes wheels for Locomotives, BG Coaches and EMU Coaches. DSP has manufactured wheels for LHB coaches & Metro Coaches as well. DSP produces BG Axles as per Railway requirement. DSP Has also successfully developed BOX N as well as LHB axles.

Section Mill

The Section Mill rolls out light and medium structural like joists, channels and angles, which is also used for construction and infrastructure development. 

Engineering Shops

Durgapur Steel Plant has a number of captive engineering shops for repairs and supply of spare parts. The Central Engineering Maintenance has a Machine Shop, Structural Shop, Fitting and Assembly Shops. The Foundry produces Ingot moulds and bottom plates for the Steel Melting Shop. There are also Auxiliary Repair Shops such as Electrical, Wagon and Loco Repair Shops.

Research and Control Laboratory

The Research & Control Laboratory is well equipped for carrying out sophisticated chemical, metallurgical and other tests both for better process control and improved quality of products.