The powers and Duties of officers and employees.

Right to information act


  • I/c : In Charge
  • HRD : Human Resource Development
  • OD : Organisational Development


2.1 In terms of the power delegated to it under the Article of Association of the Company, the Board of Directors has delegated certain power to the Chairman of the Company for the management of the Company. The Chairman has further sub-delegated some of his powers to Director (Technical, Projects & Raw Materials) & Executive Director of RDCIS for the management of SAIL, RDCIS, Ranchi. The same are revised/ modified from time to time depending upon exigencies of work. The Executive Director (RDCIS) has further sub-delegated some of his powers to other Executives of RDCIS for smooth functions of the Centre. Being confidential in nature, the delegation of power to the Director (Technical, Projects & Raw Materials)/ Executive Director (RDCIS) and also the financial power of the executives are not being disclosed. General Power delegated to various executives for smooth administration are available in the relevant documents of the Centre.

2.2 Technological functions of RDCIS are divided into different Areas.

The Technical Areas carry out the following activities:

  • Pursuing Technical projects at Steel Plant : Formulation, Review & Monitoring, Procurement actions, Trial & experiments, Data Analysis and Completion report
  • Pursuing Basic research projects at RDCIS : Formulation, Review, Experiments, Data Analysis and Completion report
  • Proper maintenance of equipment : Calibration, Preventive maintenance Handling customer complaints & services to customers as and when necessary RDCIS has "Plants Centres" in all the major SAIL Steel Plants, which provide technological support in its primary activities. It carries out the following primary activities:
                  * Liaisoning with the plant on behalf of the Centre for all project related activities
                  * Services to customers as and when necessary

There are other support departments in RDCIS : “Personnel & Administration (P&A)”, “Finance & Accounts (F&A)”, “Materials Management (MM)”, and “Communications”.

2.3 Personnel & Administration carries out the following primary activities :

  • Ensuring effective manpower planning and control
  • Promoting productive work environment
  • Implementing effective HRD/OD initiatives
  • Promoting welfare and sports activities
  • Ensuring effective security environment in office campus and Township
  • Overseeing Township/Estate related activities
  • Providing legal services 
  • Promoting implementation of Rajbhasha
  • Reviewing and monitoring disciplinary cases
  • Implementing programmes under CSR Activities

2.4 Materials Management carries out the following primary activities :

  • Procurement of Project inputs from India & abroad for various projects executed by RDCIS, as per required time schedule
  • Procurement of office equipment & consumables.
  • Procurement of equipment and consumables required by various laboratories.
  • Finalisation of contracts for various services required by RDCIS.
  • Ensuring that the procurement is done in compliance with procedures as laid down by the Company from time to time.
  • Organising inspection, handling, storage of materials in central stores. 
  • Furnishing information to management as per requirement.

2.5 Finance and Accounts Deptt. carries out the following activities :

  • Constant review of the financial needs of the unit and effective usage of resources.
  • Finalizing Capital and Revenue Budgets in consultation with Groups/ Deptts. /Corporate Office Budgetary review on a periodic basis in respect of the projects/ expenses/ incomes heads of accounts. Highlighting the variances from budget and suggesting remedial measures.
  • Finalization of specific cost reduction plans and targets for the unit in association with the Groups / Departments and ensuring fulfillment of the plans through monitoring at an overall level.
  • Constant critical review of different cost elements (projects, manpower, materials, consultancy services etc.) in consultation with concerned Groups / Departments in order to suggest and implement corrective actions well in time
  • Fund requirement from Corporate Office and clearance of fund allocated for capital and revenue, based on needs and efficiency of usage.
  • Ensuring effective usage of funds allocated and introducing throughout the organization proper discipline in use of funds
  • Timely closing of the accounts of the Unit as well as consolidated accounts of the Ranchi units. Dealing with all matters relating to statutory audit, commercial audit and timely submission to Corporate Office for consolidation of SAIL accounts for the approval of the Board and shareholders in accordance with the provisions of Law.
  • Developing and overseeing a system which would suggest ways and means to improve the working of the unit and ensure optimum utilization of all resources
  • Tax matters relating to submission of Audited Tax audit report of the Ranchi units to Corporate Office taxations department for timely submission of company’s tax return and tax compliance of the unit including Income Tax, Goods & Service Tax etc.
  • Adhering to all statutory financial obligations of the unit.
  • Professional development of personnel in the Finance function.
  • Providing assistance to Departments like Materials Management in deciding on policies involving financial transactions
  • Assistance in the matters connected with writing-off and sale of assets as per policy and delegation of powers.
  • Financial concurrences for the items of RDCIS expenditure and marketing of RDCIS services.
  • Administration of Exempted PF Trust for Ranchi Units as per Act & Rules
  • Authorization of expenditure against receipt of material / services.

2.6 Communication Deptt. carries out the following activities

  • Looks after managing external stakeholder like State Media, PSUs etc
  • Looks after internal communication within the Organisation.
  • Arranges the publication of advertisement of Tender Notices of all SAIL Ranchi Units.