The powers and duties of officers and employees.

Right to information act
VISL is a unit of SAIL, registered under the Companies Act, 1956. In terms of powers delegated to it under the Articles of Association of the  company,  the  Boar d  of  Directors  has  delegated certain powers to the Chairman of the  company  for  the  management  of  the  Company.   The Chairman  has  further  sub-delegated  some  of  his  powers  to the Chief Executive of VISP for smooth running of the system.




In VISL the following general functions are performed:


  • Long term strategic planning for the company.
  • Policy formulation in consultation with plant personnel. Getting agreed action plans for implementation of the policies and ensuring their fulfillment.
  • Achieving clarity and organizational commitment on objectives, goals and plans of action.
  • Developing norms of performance in every functional area and securing commitment to progressively improved norms.
  • Ensuring smooth and efficient operations and achievement of optimal performance of existing resources. Ensuring fulfillment of targets and orderly growth of the company. Organizational development to maximize efficiency of the Company.
  • Reviewing performance of each unit with respect to targets and suggesting corrective action where necessary.
  • Achievement of well coordinated functioning of different plants; improving inter-plant interactions, dissemination of knowledge and achieving synergy in company operations.
  • Assistance to plants through problem anticipation and resolution and bringing about improvements in the plants.
  • Coordination with all external agencies, Central and State Governments, Ministries, Railways, suppliers etc. in order to improve overall company operations.
  • Development of a well-motivated workforce and a highly competent managerial cadre in the Company.
  • Development of an efficient and well designed Data Bank and MIS at all levels within the organization to assist in problem-identification and problem-resolution.
  • Projection of corporate image of the Company through various media to the public in general.
  • Control/review of all other general functions viz. Personnel, Welfare, Finance, Projects, Administration and other service agencies