Captive Mines

Board and Organisation

The company has the distinction of being India’s second largest producer of iron ore and of having the country’s second largest mines network.

Our captive iron ore & flux mines at Jharkhand, Odisha & Madhya Pradesh are under the control of the Raw Materials Division Kolkata, coal mines at Jharkhand & West Bengal are under the control of Collieries Division Kolkata , iron ore & flux mines at Chhattisgarh are under the control of Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), Bhilai and flux mines at Karnataka are under the control of Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Plant (VISL), Bhadravati.

Mineral Name of Mine State
Iron Ore Kiriburu Iron Ore Mines Jharkhand
Meghahatuburu Iron Ore Mines Jharkhand
Manoharpur (Chiria) Iron Ore Mines Jharkhand
Gua Iron Ore Mines Jharkhand
Bolani Iron Ore Mines Odisha
Barsua Iron Ore Mines Odisha
Kalta Iron Ore Mines Odisha
Dalli-Rajhara Group of Iron Ore Mines Chhattisgarh
Rowghat Iron Ore Mine (New Project) Chhattisgarh
Flux Nandini Limestone Mines Chhattisgarh
Hirri Dolomite Mines Chhattisgarh
Kuteshawar Limestone Mines Madhya Pradesh
Bhawanathpur Limestone Mines Jharkhand
Tulsidamar Dolomite Mines Jharkhand
Bhadigunda Limestone Mine Karnataka
Kenchapuda Dunite Mine Karnataka
Coal Chasnalla Colliery Jharkhand
Jitpur Colliery Jharkhand
Parbatpur Colliery (New Project) Jharkhand
Tasra Coking Coal Mine (New Project) Jharkhand
Sitanala (New Project) Jharkhand
Ramnagore Colliery West Bengal